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Terri Schiavo Has Died

I've received several emails, and many questions from friends, about my feelings surrounding Terri Schiavo . I think people perceive that someone with a life threatening disability, who still has a positive attitude, should spew pearls of wisdom. Honestly, I am very mixed up about this case. I guess if it was an easy decision, there wouldn't be much talk about it in the news. Here's just a couple thoughts running through my head, which I'm certain have run through most of your brains as well. Nothing earth shatteringly exciting or insightful, just thoughts. First, I feel bad for the husband and her parents. Their views are polar opposites, however my impression is that they are all good people who truly loved Terri. In the political debate, both groups of people had been portrayed as monsters, but there are no monsters here. If Michael Schiavo was a monster, he'd have jumped ship immed

10 Excuses to Go Home Early from Work

My friend, Miranda, emailed me today with a very short "I'm bored." We started thinking of ways she could get out of work early and come over to play. This list is the result. I hope it helps all of you. Warning: Some of these excuses may be considered tasteless, while others may be far too flavorful. 1. Go in the ladies room and vomit, then tell your supervisor you are sick. This method is used, and abused too often, so chunks of on your shirt, or clear evidence of puke-breath is essential. 2. Chop off a small limb, but only if you work in a machine shop. In an office, a paper cut will get you a day off, but you spend the day filling out workers compensation papers. 3. Paint red dots on your face and tell your coworkers that a swarm of bees attacked you in the copy room. 4. If the cafeteria is serving split pea soup or New England clam chowder, dump a bowl on

Recycling Before Moving Day

We've been clearing out our house before the big move. Buying a new home is a very cleansing experience. Our rule of thumb became "if we haven't touched it in a year, we won't miss it if we don't move it." This only became a serious issue when Kristen tried to get rid of my old baseball cards. Trash day arrived. Normally we have one large can and a small recycling bin. That weekend, trash and recycling was in two large piles. Together the piles were roughly the size of a compact car. Our house isn't that big, I can't believe one home could produce that much refuge. Beyond the trash, we also have a section of our basement dedicated to yard sale inventory. (By the way, our yard sale is scheduled for April 2nd. Come by and purchase some high quality, ultra-rare uber-crap!) That weekend inspired me to write the following article: 10 Tips to Improve Recycling witho

House for Sale by Owner

You could own your own home! Actually, you could own my home. Just imagine the value of owning the birthplace of SunFyre! This adorable Cape Cod style home is for sale. As you probably read a few days ago, Kristen and I bought a new home closer to her family. We are moving the last week in April. It occurred to me that I better sell the old house pretty soon. It's hard, I love this house, but who couldn't use an extra $117,500. This 1 1/2 story house is located at 621 Byram Street in the Mount Penn area of Reading, PA. We are about 45 minutes from the Philadelphia suburbs and an hour from Center City. Within about 150 miles radius you can visit New York City, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Harrisburg. It's locat

Buying a New Home

Sorry, I've been busy with a new project. Kristen and I had been seriously considering buying a new home. We've been house hunting on and off for about a year, then got real serious in January. We weren't finding any houses that met our criteria, at least not that we could afford. We needed four bedrooms. My father visits from Kentucky several times each year, and we needed a guest room or guest house. I need an office. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to work at home with two three-year-olds, and no door on my office. It had to be a wheelchair accessible home, either a very large ranch-style, or two floors with an elevator. We considered building a nice two story until we found out that good elevators add $20,000 to construction without increasing the value of a new house. Finally, a realtor pointed out a huge ranch home. It had four bedrooms, an office space, a la