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People Die on Christmas Too

Last night in Chicago a Boeing 737 slid off the runway at Midway Airport. No one on the plane was severely injured, but the plane came to rest in the middle of a busy suburban intersection. The plane collided with vehicles. One vehicle contained six year old, Joshua Woods, of Leroy, Indiana and his family. His two younger brothers and his parents are all hospitalized with injuries. I don't know their situation, but in my imagination it goes something like this... ... they'd been in the car all evening. The boys were getting noisy and the parents were getting agitated. They'd decided to drive to Chicago to spend the weekend Christmas shopping, but now were regretted that decision. Mom had begged for the trip. She relented when the forecast called for snow, but Dad said "I'm not afraid of driving in a little snow." The younger boys were in carseats, but Joshu

Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Wedding anniversary gifts are one of the most challenging, and yet fun gifts to give. You want to find something for your spouse that shows them you'd do it all over again. The table below shows the traditional anniversary gifts and today's modern equivalent. After you peruse the list, scroll down to read some great tips from the Sunfyre. Traditional Gift Modern Anniversary Gift 1st Paper Clocks 2nd Cotton China 3rd Leather Crystal, Glass 4th Linen (Silk) Appliances 5th Wood Silverware 6th