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SOLAR ARK: World’s Most Stunning Solar Building

Sanyo has built an ark for the solar century – an impressive 630 kW solar-collecting building that boasts over 5,000 solar panels and kicks off over 500,000 kWh of energy per year. Even more outstanding is the fact that most of the monocrystalline modules used on the Solar Ark were factory rejects headed to the scrap pile. read more | digg story

Martin Luther King III praises John Edwards in a letter

Martin Luther King III praised John Edwards in a letter, offering "My father would be proud." Of all the candidates, I did not expect to get an endorsement from the King family, it would have been John Edwards. This article contains snippets from the letter, as well as a link to the letter in its entirety. read more | digg story

Mitt Romney warns of solvency crisis in banking

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney said on Tuesday U.S. markets were distressed and raised the possibility of a solvency crisis at U.S. banks."We have to make sure these institutions have sufficient capital," Romney told Reuters, describing the U.S. stock market as "distressed".My opinion: I'm a little frustrated by the fact that banks and mortgage companies were lending money at subprime levels, now we are facing a "crisis" for the fourth or fifth time in our history since the Great Depression. Each time the federal government bails banking out in the interest of restoring the economy. I agree that the economy needs to be stabilized, however shouldn't they have predicted this? When you're borrowing money at the prime rate, and lending money to consumers who are over-extended on creditat rates below prime, it's just a matter of time before bad business turns into a crisis.Small community banks aren't doing this, it's j

Green Party to hold debates, Nader, McKinney and more.

You probably won't get to see this on television, but if you're in San Francisco the Green party is debating tonight. Ironically, Ralph Nader is participating however he hasn't announced his candidacy for president. The Democrats and Republicans don't even let all of their candidates participate, but the Green Party even allows non-candidates. read more | digg story

Debate Lobby, campaign coverage about issues, not popularity

Finally there is the source on the US presidential campaign that is unbiased and nonpartisan. I was so sick of cruising around the Internet trying to find real information about issues rather than articles about the popularity contest. Lately it seems that the 2008 presidential elections resemble the homecoming queen elections. It covers all of the candidates and collects information on the issues. This blog is about the issues not the "electability" or "likability" or recent polls. If you actually care about issues, check it out at read more | digg story