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20 Answers You Never Want from Magic Eight Ball

Magic Eight Ball was one of the most popular toys from the 80s. It's yes/no answers are known to be the only thing more accurate than the Ouija board. If you need answers, you must trust Magic Eight Ball. Unfortunately, once in a while he gives you an answer that you definitely don't want. Here's 20 answers you never want from Magic Eight Ball.

Earning money using photo sharing site, Linkinn

A relatively new concept that has really taken off are websites that offer users some of their ad revenue for sharing videos and images. I'm just starting to check a few of these out and I will share my experiences with you as we go. The first site am going to be looking at is called Linkinn. Check out my early review, and post your strategies. read more | digg story

10 Ways to Get New Content for Your Website

One of the biggest frustrations I see with people who are interested in earning money using a blog is content creation. The most successful blogs are ones that focus on a niche. Unfortunately writing a minimum of 50 articles a year requires lots of content. I write about 400 articles per year. Here are 10 places I go to keep new content flowing. read more | digg story