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Movie Review: Wanted

It's been done a hundred times, give Angelina Jolie a tight outfit and some automatic weapons, and have her go blow some shit up. While Wanted is definitely a formula movie, it's a formula that is still lots of fun. Angelina Jolie is still sexy in a very raw way, especially when she plays a bad ass. Morgan Freeman stars as the mastermind of an assassins' crew who kill in the name of justice. Again, not exactly an unfamiliar role for him. But again, we like him. The unlike the action hero however is James McAvoy . Kristie says "I love him", but frankly I had never heard of him. Recently he starred in two chick flicks, "Becoming Jane" about the early life of Jane Austen, and "Atonement", a period piece from World War II France. Surprised I never heard of him?! You shouldn't be. He did play the Faun in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. While more people saw him there, it still isn't a role that reeks of "Assassin"

Spa Offers Bird Poop Facial

Have you heard about the new treatment for dull skin? It is bird poop! CNN is reporting that a New York City spa is offering bird poop facials, yes complete with video. Apparently the droppings of a Nightingale can be used to cleanse the skin. Japanese geishas and kabuki actors would use it to cleanse the face of heavy makeup. Today an Asian spa is using it as a skin treatment, and you can have it for only $200. Don't take my word for it, watch the CNN video... Spa Offers Bird Poop Facial Holy Crap