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An Open Letter to The Pennsylvania Republican Party

Robert Gleason Jr. Chairperson Republican Party of Pennsylvania 717 N. 2nd St Harrisburg, PA 17102 Dear Mr. Chairman, Yesterday I received the enclosed flyer regarding Senator Barack Obama's relationship with William Ayres. I've also recently received robotic calls on the same topic. I have been a supporter of Senator McCain for more than a decade, and I'm excited for the opportunity he is receiving on the national stage. Unfortunately, I'm saddened that the Republican Party doesn't give Republican voters the credit we deserve. I'm a fiscal Republican. I believe strongly in Republican economic and social policies in general. The media has beaten the dead horse that is William Ayres extensively. We know that Senator Obama was only eight years old when Mr. Ayres was actively involved in domestic terrorism. Furthermore, the domestic terrorists during the Vietnam era are a different breed of terrorists than we associate with terror today. Finally, w