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Twenty-Five Cities with Low Unemployment Rates

I was checking out Career Builder, and saw an article about the 25 best cities to find a job . Basically it was a list of cities with low unemployment rates, between 2.4% and 3.7%. Here is the top 25 list. Sioux Falls, SD Rapid City, SD Idaho Falls, ID Bismarck, ND Houma, LA Morgantown, WV Logan, UT Fargo, ND Casper, WY Billings, MT Ames, IA Lafayette, LA Midland, TX Iowa City, IA Lincoln, NE Portsmouth, NH Great Falls, MT Charlestown, WV Des Moines, IA Missoula, MT Salt Lake City, UT Provo, UT Odessa, TX Pocatello, ID Sioux City, IA Unfortunately, this list also has another name, "The 25 Places I Would Never Live". These are predominately rural communities with heavy agriculture and industrial backgrounds. Many on the list are cities where energy production are still key. Basically if you want to be a farmer, miner, or oiler you can find employment. The benefit is that if you are like me, and can do your job from anywhere in the world these types of cities are great b

Companies who lie

I don't believe... Oil companies who tell us they like it when we use less energy. Cigarette companies who tell us we should quit. People who sell us a guaranteed wealth generating system. If their system worked they would keep it to themselves. Pharmaceutical companies who say they are looking for a cure. The money is in treatment, not cure. Any diet pill ad that uses the word "metabolism". They always say "combined with proper diet and exercise." If you had proper diet and exercise, you wouldn't need the pill. Car companies that introduce 35 mile per gallon cars as fuel-efficient. We had more fuel-efficient cars in the 70s. Any chemical that keeps fruit "looking fresh". I want my fruit to be fresh! I do believe... An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. A penny saved is a penny earned.