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$1.5 Million to Fight Same Sex Marriage in New Jersey

Millions of people oppose same-sex marriage. Some of them allow for "civil unions", which I believe implies that marriage isn't a civil union. Even if you're not a fan of same-sex marriage, most people don't see it as a threat to their personal freedoms. A few say it's detrimental to society, but there's no indication that that argument holds merit. Several European countries have allowed same-sex marriage for decades, and none of them fell into societal chaos.

California proved that people will will be politically correct when talking about same-sex marriage, but were often vote in the opposite fashion when given the opportunity.

Today was announced that a group called the National Organization for Marriage is going to spend $1.5 million on an ad campaign targeting New Jersey to prevent their law, which allows civil unions, to officially allow gay couples to marry. The group also announced they would be spending money in Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. (Although Iowa and Vermont have already passed laws allowing same-sex marriage.)

I think it's hideous that any group of people can force their morals upon a minority. In America it's Christians, but in other countries we see the same types of abuse and it horrifies us. Muslim nations suppress what we consider inalienable rights of women, however according to their laws women never had these rights.

I'm so disgusted by the fact that people try to legislate morality. Imagine if we took homosexuality out of the equation. What if a group of people felt that African Americans shouldn't be allowed to establish permanent households? The white majority could easily erase the rights of African-Americans to marry. What if we pass a law that said anyone with an IQ of less than 90 was not allowed to get married, or procreate? The rights of the less intelligent would be stomped upon by the average intelligence majority.

Ironically, these examples, which seem extreme by today's society, could actually influence us in a positive way. Let's face it, if we were able to prevent every individual with a below-average IQ from having children, and encourage anyone with an extremely high IQ to procreate like mad, within two or three generations Americans would be substantially smarter. This would better our society, improve our education, and secure our nation as a leader going forward. It's still however wouldn't be a country I'd be proud to call my own. We have a rich heritage of the strength of many protecting the rights of the few.

I don't understand what it means to be a man who loves another man. It doesn't scare me, but honestly I can understand the discomfort. There are lots of things I'm uncomfortable with, but I'm not about to take the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from anyone.

I am a Christian. Jesus taught me to love one another unconditionally. He taught me that I should spend my time with "sinners" because the perfect among us are so few and needs so little.

I understand the literal translation of the Bible frowns upon sodomy. It frowns upon lots of things that are illegal and accepted by our society. If frowns upon drinking to excess, yet drunks don't make us terribly uncomfortable so we haven't outlawed it. Heck, we even allow alcoholics to marry.

I think it's sad that people cower behind a cross because they are afraid. Christ wouldn't have feared gay people. Christ wouldn't have eliminated their desire for love and respect.

If you are fearful of gay people, that's okay. If you hate gay people, that's okay too. The reason it's okay is because they don't want you on your their team anyhow. You can be fearful and dislike anyone you want, but many of us take personal offense when you trample the rights of others because of your fear or hate.

Finally, why I decided to go on this rant... my mother lives in New Jersey. She is a Christian, married to a pastor. I think if you ask my mother what she would do with $1.5 million to better the state of New Jersey she can find 100 things that Christians should spend their hard-earned money on that would influence the community in a positive way.

If you made a donation to the National Organization for Marriage, shame on you. If you did in the name of Christ, shame on you. You don't have to like gay people. I'm not asking you to or heartedly endorse same-sex marriage. I'm asking you to be smarter with your money. I'm asking you to be generous rather than hateful. And lastly, I'm asking you not to pass on your hatefulness through the media in front of my children. My sincerest hope is that your hatefulness dies when they plant you in the ground, and the world is a better place for it.

I'm a Christian man, married with two children. I'm a fiscal conservative and a Republican. I'm among the last people you would expect to be taking a stand on behalf of gay rights, and I wish I didn't have to do it. I wish common sense and human decency would prevail and that those among us who love differently than the norm would be able to live their lives with liberty and in the pursuit of happiness.


  1. Anonymous4:13:00 PM

    I'd add one more thing, Jason. When did Christians start thinking that marriage was ever defined by a government? As I see it, all the government could ever offer to anyone was a civil union. If the constitution guarantees religious freedom, shouldn't communities of faith be able be the ones to determine how they view marriage among its membership?

    Here's another take on it apart from sexual orientation: There are a lot of "unmarried" seniors out there who live "married" lives with heterosexual partners. Why? Because a license from the state jeopardizes their retirement income, health care, etc. They choose to be in a committed relationship, but are not "married" in the eyes of the state because it would cause economic calamity. Are they married? The only thing they lack is a legal document from the state. Let's call it a "civil union".

    Christians need to stop confusing civil law with divine purpose.

  2. I agree with both of you...And to add to that often times those exact same Christians who denounce homosexuality and same-sex "marriage" wholeheartedly believe God is the maker of ALL wouldn't homosexuality fall under "ALL things"?

    And heck, I'll even take it one step further to say that maybe homosexuality is God's way of controlling the population...hmmmm....

    There are so many more points and arguments to make, but my big brother, this is your blog ;-)

  3. Good for you!!! I'm a Christian woman, and the bible tells us not to judge. It's funny that there isn't effort to battle against cheaters, which is a commandment, but there is an enormous effort against gay people marrying. Last time I looked at the 10 commandments, there wasn't anything about homosexuality, and that won't change.

  4. Anonymous8:59:00 AM

    I am a christian. God does not say do not judge. He says to be careful how you judge because how you judge is how he will you. As for homosexuality. God clearly states it is an abomination. At least my God does. If God said it was fine, then I would fine with it. But that is not what God says. However, he also says that adultery is also an abomination and there are a lot of adulterers. So, I am against same sex marriage, because I see marriage as something God created and not man, on the other hand it could just be semantics because I am okay with civil unions...more so if the couple are not christians. If the homosexuals claim to be christians..then I have a hard time believing they are christians. People say homosexuality is not a choice and I disagree. I have known a lot of homosexuals who had great opposite gender relationships and then they decided to try their own sex. This includes my own father. It is a choice. However, that aside, I am not going to worry about it. What happens happens, I have more important the murder of unborn babies every year..I think that is more reprehensible than two people of the same gender doing their thing. I think when God comes back to take us to either heaven or get sent to hell, well then there will be a lot of surprised people...and I am looking forward to spending eternity with God.


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