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How do we help the Iranians in their fight for democracy?

Unfortunately, we don't. Here's why. Iran has been ruled by religious zealots for a long time. Since the 70s it has seemed that the Iranian people have been comfortable, at least relatively so, under the leadership of the Ayatollah and a figurehead President. Today not only are they uncomfortable with the President, but they actually are revolting in the face of divinity. It's the beginning of a new era in Iran. The Iranian supreme leader came out in support of the election results, and this was not enough to dissuade protesters. This is an extremely important point because the Ayatollah's words had gone relatively unquestioned in the past. Previously his words would have been considered other word of God, therefore unquestionable. Recently there is been an official investigation launched into the election wrongdoing, unfortunately the presidency has no motivation to search for truth, regardless of the outcome. Admission of any wrongdoing, even if the victory woul

Mountain Dew/World of Warcraft promotion and prizes

Two of my favorite things, World of Warcraft and Mountain Dew , have teamed up to do a promotion with a bunch of prizes.  T-shirts, laptop computers, gaming mice and a bunch of other stuff are being given away. It's pretty simple.  Click below and sign up for an account.  You earn 100 tokens.The tokens can be used to enter drawings for prizes. Then, you can or an additional tokens by recruiting friends and drinking Mountain Dew. Anyhow, if you click the link below before you sign up, I'll earn 50 tokens. If I win a T-shirt, I'll post pictures of me wearing it! Dew it. You know you want to!

Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt on Amazon

If you haven't seen this page circulating the internet, it's hilarious. Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt This is a great example of internet meme. Read the comments below the t-shirt, then check out the user photos uploaded. I swear, I totally want this t-shirt now. If I order one, I'll post a picture of me wearing it. If you order one, send me an email at, and I'll post your photo here too.

Max to the Vet

Last night we had to take Max, our chocolate laborador retriever, to the vet. The poor guy has been getting a rash on his groin that clearly itches. The vet gave him some medicine, and the worst possible prognosis. He may be allergic to PEOPLE FOOD! The vet told us to remove all table scraps and cat food from his diet for 2 months then gradually reintroduce things one at a time. This is going to be torture for Max who lets his dogfood bowl sit full all day long. He only eats dog food when he is faced with starvation. (Granted, starvation sets in several times daily for labs.) Poor Max, my 79 pound puppy, will have to suffer with kibbles and bits.