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Frisbee inventor dies

The simplest inventions are sometimes the ones that have a huge impact. These inventors are mostly unsung heroes. One of those heroes passed away this week at the age of 90. Walter Frederick "Fred" Morrison invented the Frisbee flying disc. Throwing something flat had been done before, but Fred Morrison was the one who developed it commercially. He started experimenting with designs in 1937, and his best-selling design, the Pluto Platter, captured the attention of Wham-O the toy company famous for its hula hoop. The Frisbee takes its name from the Frisbie Pie Co. in New England where college students used empty pie tins as flying discs. Wham-O has sold more than 200 million Frisbees since 1957 when they signed the contract with Fred Morrison. Today's Frisbee primarily focuses on catering to the crowd of disc sports fans. They make special Frisbees for Ultimate Frisbee, a rugby style game, Frisbee Golf and Freestyle Frisbees designed for trick tosses. Leagues an

Groundhog Day 2010, A Lame Holiday? A PR Dream?

The guy on the news said Groundhog's Day is the lamest holiday. I beg to differ. My kids were so excited. We watched the news as a family over breakfast, and I didn't have to buy them any crap. Awesome holiday. BTW, Phil saw his shadow. PETA was protesting Groundhog Day , saying Phil shouldn't be kept in captivity because he's a wild animal. They actually suggested replacing Phil with an electronic/robotic groundhog.   He is the most well cared for groundhog in the world. He's doing much better than his cousin, Punxatawny Roadkill. I'm all for treating animals ethically, but now they are just looking for headlines. No wonder people don't take PETA seriously. They do good work under a shroud of PR bullshit. Sad really.