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Republicans Seem Intimidated

Finally, a newspaper reporter gets to the root of the problem. The Republicans express their woes over President Obama's recent healthcare legislation. Understandably Republicans are very concerned about Obama's massive package.

An open letter to, and other news media

Earlier today I wrote a letter to the online feedback section at  My confidence is high that my letter will fall onto deaf ears, therefore I decided to post it verbatim here.  I encourage your comments. Normally, I would provide links to the original story, but I'm not going to dignify MSNBC nor the Westboro Baptist Church with a hot link. I'm sure you'll be able to find it if you search, but the original story isn't worth reading. -- An open letter to MSNBC (and other news media in general) -- I read another story today about Westboro Baptist Church, who are apparently planning a publicity stunt at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards. Not only, by publishing this article, are you giving credence to their views, but you are reporting news before it has happened. I studied broadcast journalism in college, I learned the difference between what is news and what isn't news. First, it's not news until it's already happened. Second, it isn't ne

Chappy Chanukah - (Hebrew Friends, I'm sorry)

From the "Just plain wrong" files for customer service.