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Ice Festival Temporary Art

I've always been a fan of temporary art. Don't get me wrong, the value of masterpieces from the great artists can't be downplayed. But considering the number of people being creative today, you have to assume that for every Michelangelo  Leonardo, Raphael and (Ninja Turtles fans think I'm going to say Donatello) Picasso there are thousands of others that created works of art that we will never experience. Some of that is by design, and we should cherish opportunities to see works of art that will only last for a short time. Among those, ice sculptures have to be among the most short lived. Over the past two weekends several of my Facebook friends have visited ice festivals in Lewisburg, Chambersburg and Franklin Pennsylvania. I thought I'd share some of their photos (with permission). Thanks go to our local celebrity, Drew Kelly , the morning guy at WQKX , for photos from Lewisburg.  Additionally, I'd like to thank Karla Groy from Chambersburg.  Finally fr

Pope Benedictus XVI Official Resignation Letter

Pope Benedict XVI will resign at the end of this month. Today, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation as of February 28, 2013. More than 1 billion people worldwide are members of the Catholic Church led by Pope Benedict. Traditionally, the Pope remains seated until death. To say that this is unusual is an understatement. The last time a sitting or resign was in 1415, 598 years ago. Additionally, Pope Benedict will have served less than eight years, an unusually short time for a Pope historically. Pope Benedict has been embroiled in controversy. Early in his career he wrote many essays and articles considered liberal, then his writings took a sudden shift to the conservative. The Pope remained steadfastly against homosexuality, women serving in the pulpit, and stem cell research. The Pope also spoke adamantly that the Catholic Church was the truest religion and that other Christians were less adequate morally and considered Islam an enemy of Catholicism. Additio

Marvels of the Science: Rocks and Things

My kids have a science test today. We've been studying rocks and minerals, erosion and weathering, and other science-y geology stuff all week. All that work, and we just should have done in Internet search. After all, everything on the Internet is factual when it comes to science. Here's a perfect example, a quick documentary that teaches us everything we know about rocks and 2 minutes and 43 seconds. Stretch your brains! The Least Scientific Nature Documentary Ever -- powered by

Groundhog Day Is the Best Holiday, Top 10 Reasons Why

Top 10 Reasons Why Groundhog Day Is the Best Holiday Groundhog Day is underrated! Earlier this morning Punxsutawney Phil predicted in early spring. Way to go, Phil! "And so ye faithful, there is no shadow to see An early Spring for you and me." Lots of people could care less, however, I think Groundhog Day is one of the best holidays all year, here's why. I don't have to buy anything for my kids. We don't spend all day cooking then all evening digesting. I don't have to buy a card, although, I probably could find a few if I know Hallmark. Groundhogs are cute in pictures, but not cute enough that my kids want to have one as a pet. My in-laws are not expecting me for dinner, although, I might call to see what they're having. Very few additional turkeys will be put to death. Heavy alcohol consumption is not required, but is optional. Very little drama on Facebook comparatively. The only holiday movie ever made about Groundhog

Roho Wheelchair Cushion Review

Roho Quadtro Select wheelchair cushion  My new ass arrived! I got a new wheelchair cushion I highly recommend. Generally speaking, I don't write specifically for wheelchair users, but today I'm making an exception. So for those of you who can walk, you can skip ahead and come back tomorrow for Friday Funnies. But if you do spend 16+ hours a day on your ass, this is seriously worth your time. Today I got the Roho Quadtro Select wheelchair cushion . I've used them for years and this is the third one I've purchased. It's air filled and has four chambers connected together. You can lock it so each chamber holds it's own air or unlock it to allow air to move between chambers. It can be as firm or soft as you want it. It heavyweight rubber and very durable. Mine have each lasted 5+ years easily. I replace the nylon cover about once a year. If you use a manual chair, it's heavier than most, but for power chair users it's great. They run around $450, but M