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An open letter to Congressman Tom Marino

Rep. Tom Marino Rep. Marino, I encourage you and the other House Republicans to end the stalemate with the Senate. I'm a Republican voter and I know that this is political grandstanding more so than effective governing. I agree with Republicans on two issues. The health care act will increase in overall health care spending, and the healthcare acts should not be mandatory. However, they are law, removing funding will simply pass the costs on to the recipient. The real implications of government shut down are far worse. As Republican voter, I ask that you help put a stop to this idiocy. It's not good for the American people, nor is it what the majority of Republicans want. As a small business owner, health care reform affects my employees. I have a responsibility to provide for my employees and their families. Delaying the health care reform will name two of my three employees will continue to go without appropriate health care insurance for another 12 months. I ur

Interesting Facts About Left-Handed People

Trivia about lefties My son is left-handed and I started referring to him as "Southpaw Tweed" when he started pitching in Little League last season. At first he was pretty annoyed, until he learned that left-handed pitchers are pretty important in baseball. I decided to show him that left-handers are pretty important people in lots of other ways than throwing a ball or swinging a bat. Here's what I've learned, some pretty cool facts about left-handed people. Right-minded - Most people know that the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, so literally those who are left-handed are the only ones that are right in the head! Left-eared? - We know that people tend to favor one ear or the other when trying to listen intently, but did you know that your choice of ears actually effects the tone of what you're hearing? A Georgetown University Medical Center study in 2012 recognized that your right ear hears rapidly changing sounds better,

RIP Miller "Pappy" Shoemaker

Miller Shoemaker  It's always sad to lose a loved one, but tomorrow will be a joyful celebration. Kristen's grandfather, Miller "Pappy" Shoemaker lived 100 years . As a farmer he provided milk that became Hershey Kisses and Reese's Cups. He made extra gas money by driving his Mennonite neighbors to the market or bicycle shop. They never seemed to mind that he rarely exceeded 40 mph. He and Hazel were married more than half a century. Their three boys, and three dozen grandchildren and great grandchildren ensure that the Shoemaker family will thrive in Central PA for generations to come. He was always healthy, not because of strict diet or exercise regimen, but because he had eggs, meat and potatoes each day, but not to excess, and worked hard. His only health issue ever was a touch of dementia that made him funny and more interesting, but not so much that he forgot who he was or who you were. It's sad, but there isn't much more a man could as