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Friday Funnies - Weather Funnies

A little old man buried his wife of 50 years. Quiet and contemplative, he stood at the grave site with his children, grandchildren and their first great-granddaughter. If they had said their goodbyes and stood in near silence. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck nearby together with a massive clap of thunder. A few seconds later, a long rolling thunder trailed off into the distance. The old man began to smile, then chuckled audibly. The great-granddaughter took her hand and placed it in his. "Why are you laughing; what's so funny?" "Grandma has announced her arrival." --------- A grocery store manager overheard part of a conversation between a customer and one of his cashiers. The cashier said "We haven't had any for a while. I don't know when it's coming, but lots of people have been looking for it. When it finally comes, I hope we get a lot because we're gonna need it." The customer left and the manager hustled over.

SunFyre Gets EXTREME

I took this idea a step further. I wrote a letter to GoPro and asked them to sponsor the videos. If they don't, I'm going need to come up with some cash to make them. Here's an excerpt from the letter I sent to the sports marketing guy at GoPro. I’d like to offer my readers tongue-in-cheek parody videos mimicking the GoPro extreme sports videos we all know and love. In them, I’d clamp a GoPro on my power wheelchair, perhaps more than one mounted in different locations. Then, I’d do videos such as “SunFyre goes EXTREME CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.” with high speed zooms through the mall and slow-mo bounces over curb cuts. Plus, there would be intense trips on my wheelchair lift to my van. Other possible titles include: SunFyre goes EXTREME FISHING (A video of me sitting still next to a pond.) SunFyre goes EXTREME LITTLE LEAGUE (Me coaching my son’s team.)   SunFyre goes EXTREME ROCK CLIMBING (Bouncing down my gravel driveway) The videos, while certa