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Mothers of Autistic Kids are Hampering Research

I'm about to say something very unpopular , but true. Mothers of autistic children are partially to blame for lack of research funding. Autism is Overwhelming and Under-Funded Autism diagnosis is now 1 per 68 children. This rate is astonishing. A portion of the increase is because of the broadening definition of the autism spectrum. A portion is because of greater awareness by parents and physicians, finding more cases. Finally, there is little doubt that autism is also on the increase. Autism is one of the least funded diseases in terms of research. Proportional to the number of cases it's likely the least funded in the US. Mothers are screaming, "Why?!" Unfortunately, the same mothers are part of the problem. ( Here's the part where it gets unpopular. ) First of all, realize that I'm using the term "mothers" to represent all people who have been affected by autism personally, partially for brevity and partially for effect. Mot

Is Average Barbie Really What Girls Need?

This image of "Average Barbie" went viral, but apparently there's no truth to the rumor that Barbie is getting a makeover.  Rumors are swirling about an "Average Barbie" with realistic body proportions. The image here is a supposed prototype that hit the viral Internet a few months ago. A couple companies have been talking about creating one, but Mattel isn't one of them. I, for one, (this probably won't make me popular) think Barbie should stay the way she is.  I agree that women, particularly young girls, are given unrealistic body images in our society. Empowerment groups ridicule Barbie. Other groups scream about Photoshop manipulating photos on magazines targeted to women.  Advocates aren't wrong. They're just going about it the wrong way. If you think Barbie is a bad role model, don't buy one. If you think that women's magazines are filled with articles that damage self-esteem… Stop buying them. The beauty of capit

10 Jobs I Could Never Do!

I love my job. I’m a marketing consultant for a web development firm. I get to work with lots of small business owners and do my best to help them increase their income. I’m lucky. I was thinking about it. There are quite a few jobs I wouldn't want to do, but if push came to shove, I would do them to provide for my family. On the other hand here are… 10 Jobs I Could Never Do! While some of these may be obvious, others are perfectly respectable careers that I could not manage. Slaughterhouse Worker – I’m far from a card-carrying member of PETA. I eat meat, wear leather, and don’t have a problem with hunting as a sport. I could even be a butcher, as long as someone delivered the cow already dead. I have no desire to actually do the killing, nor would I. Garbage Collector – Simple enough, but it’s not for the reason you think. I don’t get grossed out very easily. My problem would be actually collecting the garbage. Inevitably, I’d find something cool or even