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Sunfyre's Homeschool Curriculum

My friend's daughter (a soon to be second-grader) informed her mom that she wants to be homeschooled. My friend, a little burnt out of spending her summer with a seven-year-old and a two-year-old, told her that second grade will be awesome. Although, she confessed to me that she's already looking forward to our annual "kids-are-back-in-school-Margarita-party". Anyhow, if Sunfyre ran homeschooling, here's a sampling of the curriculum! Titles of New Homeschooling Courses Mathematics: Algebra and Other Math You'll Never Use Guidance Counseling: Pulling up Your Pants And Other Dress for Success Techniques Home Economics: Cooking Bacon Computer Science: How to Clean Your Browsing History Prelaw: Choosing the Right Bail Bondsman Chemistry: Mentos and Coke and Other Homemade Bombs Literature: Shakespeare and 400 Years of Knockoffs American History: Absolute Truth According to Christian White Men Geography: How to Use Google Maps Drivers

The Hobby Lobby Decision, why it's right, why it's wrong, and what to do about it

Generally speaking, I'm going to irritate just about everybody with this post, so get in line. I'll begin by your irritating women, atheists, and Justice Ginsburg. The Hobby Lobby decision was right.  The Hobby Lobby decision was right. By "right", I mean "correct". In America, companies do have rights based on their ownership. They are allowed to make value decisions and judgments, right or wrong, based on the owners' own values. Owners are liable for the decisions a company makes in some cases. Therefore, to force an owner to betray their core values is unconstitutional. Read the entire Burwell Vs Hobby Lobby decision including dissent by Justice Ginsburg Realize, this doesn't apply to public companies. As an owner and a public company you can choose to own or not own stock based on a company's values. I'll never purchase tobacco company stock because I believe their core value system is fundamentally wrong. I do, however, own s