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Race The Tube - a guy races a subway train in the London Underground

The London Underground, their subway system, is one of the best ways to navigate this old city. At street level, much of London was designed in the era of horse and carriage and bicycles with gigantic wheels (I don't know about the bicycles, but that's how I imagine London). Clearly it's a better way to get around them by automobile. First of all, they all drive on the wrong side! But, is it better to take the Underground, or go by foot. At least one guy in this amazing video thinks it's faster to run, and he tries to prove it. This awesome real-time video has him racing the Tube.

Ray Rice, Domestic Abuse, the NFL and the Ravens

Ray Rice is a dirt bag.  Don't let the following blog post make you believe that I think anything other than " Ray Rice is a dirt bag." NFL fans have taken to burning Ray Rice jerseys. Here's what happened to the best of my knowledge. Ray Rice was accused of domestic violence toward a woman that's been reported as both his fiancĂ©e and wife. I'm not sure which it is, but it doesn't matter. The NFL suspended Ray Rice for two games while the incident was under investigation. A few days later they suspended at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns for something related to marijuana , but frankly I didn't care enough to read the details. I like football but I hate gossip, and the article seems like gossip. Social media started screaming because a marijuana offense resulted in a longer suspension. A video surfaces that alleges Ray Rice is shown throwing a woman to the ground inside an elevator of a hotel/casino. The video appears to be au

September 11, 2001 began a journey toward hope.

Thirteen years ago my wife and I had to spend the last of our savings on fertility treatments. We'd spent a year and a half and $30,000 trying to get pregnant. Our last attempt, success or not, was in late August 2001. I remember sitting at my desk watching the twin towers burn and collapse on a Tuesday morning. I remember thinking that the world was changing minute by minute. I was born in June 1970. With the exception of a three-day ground war in Kuwait, I lived in the most peaceful time in American history. Now that was changing. More Americans died in 90 minutes then had died in my lifetime in what I knew was just the beginning of war. September 11 was terrifying to us in a very unique way. My wife and I had just given everything to try to bring a child into this world. We still had to wait several days to determine if she was pregnant. Were we going to be parents? If so, where we bring a child into an uncertain world? Our suburban American life had shielded us from t