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Only Two Ways to Fix Healthcare and You'll HATE Them Both!

TWO WAYS TO FIX HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA There are only two ways to fix US health care, and you're going to hate them both! Seven years ago today the ACA, also known as Obamacare, was signed into law. Today is the first vote on the AHCA, a heavily debated replacement. Here's the problem. Neither of them works. Here's the other problem, there is no perfect plan or compromise. Only two methods can fix the US healthcare system, and you're going to hate both of them! 100% CAPITALIST HEALTHCARE  Health care began as a service where doctors, medical professionals, and snake oil salesman offered services to those who could afford them. Pricing is based on what you could afford, the quality of the service, and the ability of the marketing person to convince you to part with your money. It was a horrible system, however, it was also very fair. Pricing for services was low, lower than ever. Organize groups of capitalists got together and advanced medicine, albeit, e