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How United Airlines Should Have Handled the Situation

Man dragged from United Express 3411. Photo courtesy of Fox News United Airlines is under fire for a viral video that shows them removing a passenger forcibly from an airplane bound for Louisville Kentucky. Here are the bullets: The plane was already loaded and full. The airline needed to fly four employees to Louisville Kentucky on the plane. The employees needed to go to prevent another plane from departing late. The airline offered $800 in compensation to the first four people who would volunteer to give up their seats. No one took the offer. The airline went to a lottery, drawing for people at random. These four people were asked to leave the plane, and they would receive the compensation. One of the passengers refused to leave. It's unclear how things escalated, however he was removed by security officers. Reports are conflicting about whether the officers were police officers, TSA workers, or airline staff. The gentleman was literally physically dragged down th

Tax Return 2016 Public Disclosure for Donald Trump

April 15 is tax day!  This is my actual tax return. I figured that if our President isn't obligated to share his information with his employer's, as a constituent of the federal government, I've decided that I'm going to withhold some information from my tax return, while enhancing it with other vital information. I will, however, publicly disclose the non-redacted version as soon as Donald Trump does the same. Enjoy! (Click to enlarge, it's YUGE!) 2016 tax return for Donald Trump