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People who died on the toilet (real people and fictional characters)

Famous people who died on the toilet.

Here is an extensive list of real people who died on the throne.
Elvis Presley died of an overdose, falling off the toilet into a pile of his own vomit.
Judy Garland died of an overdose discovered slumped over her toilet.
King George II of Britain suffered a heart attack while sitting on the toilet.
Wenceslaus III of Bohemia assassinated with a spear while he sat on the toilet.
Godfrey IV, Duke of Lower Lorraine, was attacked by an assassin while sitting on the toilet. He died a week after the attack.
Japanese warlord Uesugi Kenshin was assassinated with a spear while sitting on the toilet.
British author Evelyn Waugh, who coincidently also married a woman named Evelyn, died on his toilet. Some believe he drowned in it, however his official cause of death was heart failure.
Famed architect Louis Kahn suffered a heart attack and died on the toilet in New York City’s Penn station.
One of the early Christian preachers, Arius, had been condemned as a heretic, but before sentence could be carried out he died on the toilet, probably from a stroke or heart attack.
Don Simpson, a Hollywood producer of Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop died on the toilet while reading a biography of Oliver Stone. The cause of death was a heart attack, likely the result of addiction.
Embattled King Edmund II was assassinated while on the toilet by supporters of his Danish rival, Cnut.
The third century Roman Emperor, Elagabalus, led a hedonistic lifestyle too intense, even for Rome. When his army finally became fed up, he hid in the bathroom to escape them, and was murdered there.
Famed young comedian Lenny Bruce died while sitting on the toilet with a heroin needle still in his arm.
Catherine the Great has two legends surrounding her death. Some say she died mid poo. Others claim she was trampled by a horse mid coitus. Either way, rude interruption.
Robert Pastorelli, actor best known for Murphy Brown, died of a morphine overdose on a toilet shortly after being told he was under investigation for homicide.

A list of movie in television characters who died on the commode.

Accidental hitman and suave dancer, Vincent Vega, in Pulp Fiction died on the toilet where he was supposed to be awaiting the return of Butch.
The Dirty Old Man from the movie Clerks went to relieve himself in a different manner, and suffered a heart attack.
In a memorable scene from a forgettable movie, Snakes on a Plane, one passenger died after being bitten on his penis in the restroom.
The Dutch businessman in the movie Hostel falls to gruesome revenge on the toilet.
Demon from Friday the 13th Part V, attempts to enjoy a relaxing poo in the outdoor toilet only to be impaled.
Unlikable lawyer Jurassic Park, Donald Gennaro, meets Tyrannosaurus rex under less than ideal circumstances, while inside an outhouse, in what was destined to become a cult classic movie scene.
Phil Stevens in the movie Scream 2 hears something in the bathroom stall next to his, placing his ear to the wall, he quickly gets knifed through the partition.
Lannister patriarch, Tywin, sentences his son to death. Tyrion turns the tables when he discovers father on the toilet. He definitely lost the Game of Thrones.
Private Pyle of Full Metal Jacket commits suicide in the bathroom in a particularly messy way after being forced to clean it on his knees.


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